Italy a Heaven for Art Lover

Italy is a heaven for art and history lover. In this article, we are going to share some masterpieces of art and history present in Italy.

1. Verona

Verona’s pink colored shiny roadsides and admiring town squares make sense that why Shakespeare selected this place for Romeo and Juliet. If you travel to visit Verona you should visit the house of Juliet and must check out the yard. The place makes it a lovely site to visit.

2. Florence

Florence is one of the most remarkable cities of the world known for art and for its infrastructure of middle ages. Italy has one of the top ten museums in the world for the art of Venus and great accurate statues of different kinds. There is a tower just outside the museum of Italy which you must visit once in a lifetime.

3. Amalfi

Amalfi is known for making paper for very old time. The adorn sheets made there are loved by everyone. Adorn sheets made there are marked with the symbol of Amalfi which make it’s really rare for anyone. If you ever encounter one of these you should prefer in buying.

4. Taormina

Backgrounds of Savoca are provided as Sicilian for the movie of Francis. You should walk through the regions Taormina and must surely check out the churches which came in view. One of the churches that are worth mentioning is Stuart Lica.

5. Venice

Different types of wonders can be seen in the city of Venice like art and mystery. Venice was considered one of the most beautiful cities in the middle ages and still even now. The Venetian Lagoon provides the place with commendable shiny colors.

6. Venus Art

The picture of birth Venus is one most rare arts of the world. Venus is originally considered as a myth that was born from waves. The most interesting part of the picture is that it has been replaced many times. That is why the city of Florence is considered one of Italy’s most talented.

7. Medici Chapels

There are about two tombs inside the Medici Chapel. The tombs are Giuliano and Lorenzo both known as brothers. Those are finely made an inaccurate position. The statue shows the life of Lorenzo and Giuliano in the middle ages. The place remained unconstructed till now and the tomb provides the feeling of religious thoughts. The brother of Lorenzo Guiliano is considered one of the beauties of Italy and have a large neck in its tomb which shows his living standards.